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Hunt Valley Facility

Our facility located in Hunt Valley ,Maryland is part of an organization Founded over 100 years ago, Murray Corporation continues to design and manufacture fasteners and clamps for a multitude of applications in the worldwide agriculture, automotive, truck, off highway, municipal, marine, irrigation, beverage, and plumbing markets. Although we specialize in hose clamps, our team can design, engineer, and manufacture custom clamps to your specification. Our manufacturing facilities are located in North America and China.


Murray Corporation designs and manufactures the best quality stainless steel clamps and fasteners. Murray’s clamping products are utilized in a diverse field of markets, by some of the largest industry leaders in the world. Our high quality precision-engineered clamps are designed for a variety of applications and have been proven to hold up under some of the most stressful conditions.
Murray Corporation also offers a “Custom Clamp” service where our engineers work with yours to develop, design, and manufacture a custom clamp to your standards and specifications.

UAW Chairperson: Teresa Hines


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